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I'm a foodie and have been to so many of these famous food places in Philly... but this is the REAL DEAL. If you're hungry, this will satisfy you, both with taste, quality, and size! The roast beef is simple, pure, and amazing.
—Vic deMarinosa

Mark Wiens

Welcome to Philadelphia, better known locally as Philly! Philly is known for many things and it’s an American food paradise. Today, we’re going on an ultimate Philadelphia food tour - we’ll be eating everything from Italian hoagies to cheese steaks to tomato pizzas - and hanging out with the amazing JL Jupiter. Let’s start eating! Ricci's Hoagies has been serving hoagies, the Philadelphia name for a sub sandwich, since 1920. One of the things that immediately stands out is how they slice your meat directly onto your sandwich. The meat never gets crusty and that makes a huge difference. One of the best deli sandwiches I’ve ever had.
This place makes the best Hoagies in Philly!!! My favorites are the American Italian Loaf and the Ham Hoagie. My son likes the Tuna w/cheese. I'm always coming back for more. See Ya.
— Julie Lella

The Philly Captain

Come Sail with The Philly Captain as he goes to RICCI’S HOAGIES in South Philly. RICCI’S HOAGIES is located 1165 S 11th. The Captain gets an Italian hoagie and Misses Captain gets a Turkey with Swiss. This hoagie shop has been around for over 100 years …..there is a reason for that.

JL Jupiter

In this episode I visit Ricci's brothers to try out their very popular hoagie sandwiches. Ricci's hoagies have been around since 1920 and has been perfecting the hoagie sandwich. They are most known for their classic Italian hoagie. All sandwiches are made to order and right in front of you. I got to try the Italian and the honey turkey hoagies. Both were very delicious, but my favorite was the honey turkey hoagie. Liscios bread was a superb choice for their sandwiches. Highly recommended place in Philly!

Experience the Best Hoagies in the Heart of PHILLY

At Ricci's, we offer authentic Italian Hoagies in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
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